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Mini-Comics Day a Success in Phoenix

Not even a bad copy machine would stop us from creating our books. (Although it did cause us to make way fewer copies than we would have.)


photo 4

Bryan ‘BG’ Graham created Bryan’s Angels, a preview for an up coming series that he is working on. He was working fully digital for the first time and felt like he hit some hiccups, but I thought his work looked rad.

photo 1Eric Mengel created another 8 pages for his Ocho series. As the day began Eric asked his friends to suggest items to include in his Ocho story, he had a huge list and I believe he crammed them all in there.

photo 3

Damon Begay created the Dictator of Love. A short little piece about someone who tells you which relationship is right and which is wrong. A mix of many of his influences can me found in this book.

photo 2

Wil ‘Reset Survivor’ Hines created Earwig & Maggot. About an earwig and maggot that bring a dead body to life and take him out for a couple of drinks.

photo 5

Denny ‘dennmann’ Riccelli created another Get That Chicken short. This book features a little girl, a rainbow and a chicken.

Xtra thanx to Jesse James Comics for host the event. Thanx to kind people at Office Max for staying open an extra 20 minutes so that we could finish copying books on their photocopier (even if it was jacked up a little). Special thanx to Birdie for bringing us some cookies on his way to work. Finally thanx to all the others who showed up and hung out with us throughout the day (and even those who followed our adventures on social media), your support is the reason we make comics.

Hope to do it all over again next year!