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Mini-Comics Day in McCleary, Washington

Mini-Comics Day
McCleary Community Center
726 W. Simpson Ave.
McCleary, Washington
9 am-3 pm

Last year on the first Mini-Comics Day I was inspired to draw one (Beholder of the Eye), so even if no one shows up, at least I’ll produce an annual 8-page work.

Holding an event like this in a rural area might seem insane, but on the other hand my county produced painter Robert Motherwell, comic artist John Workman (who I was acquainted with as a fellow hangerouter at Eaton’s Bookstall in Aberdeen in the early 1970s), music artists Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, and the wonderful author Angelo Pellegrini. So it is always dangerous to underestimate this obscure edge of the U.S. of A.