Mini-Comics Day 2013 in Minneapolis

Here are some photos from the Minneapolis Mini-Comics Day event at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis. Thanks to everyone who participated! Many delightful and ambitious mini-comics were made… you can see pictures of some of them below.

Thanks also to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for being such fantastic hosts, and to Wet Paint for bringing the wonderful art material sample bags for participants!

Male Interior by Dan Murphy

Happy Endings by Azìsa Moor

The Van by Matt Reints

Nipples the Clown “Looks for a Job” by Mike Toft

Plotz #3 by Stwalley

Go here to read Nick Straight’s wonderful untitled mini-comic.

If anyone else from the event posts their comic online, let me know and I’ll get it added here.

Mini-Comics Day Puerto Rico


Hi! We are Soda Pop Comics and we thought it would be awesome to celebrate Mini-Comics Days for the first time here in Puerto Rico. The event took place at Biercade and over 19 artists participated: Rosa Colón, Joel Vázquez, Miguel Angel Sanjurjo, Franchy Morales, Luis LaCourt, Jenny Centobene, Rosairi Reyes, Ivia Pantoja, Nicole Perez, Benny Sierra, Mario Gracia, Rosaura Rodriguez, Tico Jimenez, Pedro Vargas, Wilgonsi, Marieli Aixa, Cristian Guzmán, Jonathan Rodriguez, Christian Saenz.

Read all the mini-comics here!

Mini-Comics Day is Here!

(Above image by Athena Currier)

March 24th, 2013 is the date for the third annual Mini-Comics Day, celebrating the art of cartooning and creating hand-made comic books (the first event was held April 9th, 2011).

On Mini-Comics Day, participating cartoonists from around the world will write, draw, and print copies of a mini-comic, completing the entire process from start to finish in a day or less. Anyone in the world can participate.

Mini-comics have been democratizing the art of making comic books since the 70’s or earlier… with the popularization of photocopiers, it became apparent that anyone with an inclination and some spare change could print a little comic book. Wildly varying in both form and content, mini-comics are a wonderful synthesis of cartooning and hand-made art objects.

Guidelines: To participate, create a mini-comic from start to finish on March 24th, 2013 (including writing, drawing and printing it). You can make your mini-comic by yourself or with other artists.

Format: Your mini-comic can be any size, length and format you desire. A standard mini-comics size would be eight 4.25″x5.5″ pages (which can be made from one 8.5×11 sheet of paper printed on both sides).

Help: For more information on how to make a mini-comic, see the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s mini-comic tutorial How to Make Mini-Comics. More resources can be found here.

Submit: Optionally, you can post information and/or images from your comic on this blog. Contact for an account to post here.

Bonus points: If you are working with a group of cartoonists, you may want to consider collecting your mini-comics together to distribute as a set. Bags, rubber bands, or boxes all work great for this purpose.

Events: Mini-Comics Day events will be organized at different locations around the world. You can read more about how to organize an event in our FAQ. The purpose of Mini-Comics Day events is to provide a place for cartoonists to draw and/or print their comics, and possibly to trade or sell their minis if they choose to.

If you would like to organize an event, contact us at so we can promote your event and add it to our event listing.

About The International Cartoonist Conspiracy: Founded in Minneapolis in 2002, The International Cartoonist Conspiracy is a loosely organized group of cartoonists with cells all over the world. The Conspiracy has been responsible for many collaborative projects, including anthologies, gallery shows, and numerous jams every month. Any cartoonist anywhere can start a cell, and anyone with a desire to draw comics is encouraged to participate.

Here is the poster for the Minneapolis event by last year’s Stapler Award Winner for best Mini-Comics Day Mini-Comic, Athena Currier:

Mini-Comics Day “event” at Wizard World St. Louis

Hi, I’m Steve Higgins, a mini-comics creator based out of St. Louis, MO. Because I have a table at the convention going on in town this weekend, Wizard World St. Louis, I won’t be able to participate in Mini-Comics Day in the traditional way, by creating my own comic on Sunday. Instead I decided to do something a little different that still celebrates Mini-Comics Day.

A friend and I got together and created a special mini-comic which we will be GIVING AWAY for free at the convention on Sunday to the first 100 people who come by our booth. It’s called “Spirited Encounters: First Impressions,” and it’s about a guy named Greg and a girl named Beth who go out on a blind date together. The catch is, that Greg’s a ghost.

It’s only four pages long, but it’s in full color and it’s absolutely free.  So come by my table (table 1033/1035) at Wizard World St. Louis if you’re in the neighborhood and pick up a free mini-comic in honor of Mini-Comics Day! (Try to get there early though because we only printed up 100 copies and you don’t want to miss out! 😉 )