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The Mini-Comics Day Report from McCleary, WA

Mini-comics pioneer Steve Willis (creator of the longest running comic series of all time, Morty Comix, currently at issue #2370, available only at an abandoned phone booth) organized a great-sounding Mini-Comics Day event in McCleary, WA. Here is Steve’s overview of the event (note: you’ll want to follow his blog, as it is immensely entertaining).

Here is Jim Gill’s report on the event.

Here is Paul Tumey’s account of how things went down.

Here is a video of Steve telling some kids how to make a mini-comic:

You can see all of Steve’s Mini-Comics Day posts here on his blog.

Here are links to the entire contents of a number of the Mini-Comics Day comics that were produced at the McCleary event:

Untitled – by Steve Willis
Headgear – by Jim Gill
The Tapir’s Pug Dog Sweater – by Paul Tumey
All New Refraction Comix – by Frank Young
Emanations and Expectorations – jam with Willis, Gill, Young, and Tumey
The Floating Head of Humptulips - jam with Willis, Gill, Young, and Tumey
This is the Story of Ludwig - by Bryan Willis (Steve’s brother) and Amy

Also, Bruce Chrislip somehow managed to participate in the McCleary event all the way from Cincinati, Ohio!